KIND TV is a 501C3 non-profit organization.  Instead of reporting and highlighting negative tragedies we share real life stories and unforeseen circumstances, yet we do not walk away.  KIND TV provides life-changing acts of kindness to create happy endings to every story. We find stories of those who are in need of help and are deserving.  We have helped feed the homeless, supported a dog rescuer, provided makeovers to a cancer survivors, helped make a wish for a child living with cancer, rescued a horse from slaughter, and so many other amazing things. We encourage you to WATCH NOW to see examples for yourself.

Every time we turned on the TV it always seemed like everything being highlighted was something negative, someone robbing a bank, a drug bust, a financial disaster. We realize shock factor makes good TV yet who says it has to be negative? People are living in fear from the things they are seeing and hearing. We’ve been in the middle of a financial crises with people losing their homes, their jobs and horrible crises but what if we didn’t focus on that part and what if we focused our time on actually helping? Our children don’t need to be taught from television how to stage a crime they need positive role models.

Our foundation is unique in the sense we don’t focus on one topic in need, we focus on all areas in need and real life tragedies as they arise. We need funds to help when crises occur. Most of us want to help but just don’t know how or where to start. We have an entire board and volunteers here to serve at any given moment. If you’re like us than you don’t want to hear media poor negative tragedies into our heads, we want to provide kindness to those actually deserving of help. The downside is we have a lack of funding and can’t do this without financial support. This is where you come in, you can make a change with us with any amount of donation.  We’re ready to continue to make this happen so please help us pay it forward and click on the donation tab below.