Preston was diagnosed shortly after he turned 4yrs old with Medulloblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer. Despite surgery, chemotherapy, and everything else, Preston may not have much time left. We want to bestow a gift of love to Preston and his dad on behalf of our community.
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Preston was diagnosed in October 2014 shortly after he turned 4yrs old with Medulloblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer usually associated with children. His tumor was successfully removed and nothing of it could be seen after surgery.
He went through a month of Radiation and then almost a full year of Chemotherapy. While for a time there was hope that the cancer was gone, unfortunately, today Preston has two tumors, one where the original tumor stood, and one on the other side of his brain.
The treatments had only been keeping the cancer at bay. After that, Preston’s father started doing everything he could from natural treatments to the experimental hospital treatments. He also continues to see doctors and medical professionals about potential new options for Preston.
We can’t predict the future or cure Preston’s cancer, but we can stand by their side and support the family through this journey.

October 4th update from Jesse

“All I can ask for right now….. is your continued prayers and support. These past several days have been very hard….. I’m managing but even I… am only human…. I give this little boy every ounce and every minute of my time and energy taking care of Preston… just as I have the past 4 years……

I hate to see this journey end and Preston not be with us…. but if that is where he is called then I am fully and completely accepting of that…. not fully prepared, what parent could be?

My only hopes have ever been to see that Preston overcame this earthly challenge that we have faced together and to be able to just enjoy life…..

Sometimes it’s hard to keep an Angel out of Heaven…… and if that is where he should go…. then so be it… this journey has not been for nothing… I don’t think I even have a clue as to the countless lives Preston may have touched from all of this.

I’m grateful I’ve been able to share our journey with so many of you and thank you all for your support however it has come.”