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MADI’S SMILE: A Journey to Self-Love



We are all uniquely beautiful, and we all have so much to offer in this world, but a lot of people still struggle with self-love and their own sense of worth.

We met Madi when she was 9-years-old. A daughter to a single mother struggling to pay the bills, she was also teased mercilessly at school. When Anny asked her what it was like at school and recess she said she felt lonely, but that she had figured out a solution: If she took pencils to school and drew faces on them she didn’t get so lonely anymore.

PRAYERS FOR ELLIE: Sending Kyle Home

Family is one of the most important things in this world. And during hard times, a family should be together, without worries of money or work or anything else that takes away from taking care for those you love most.

Ellie Walton is the face of strength. She was born on December 21, 2012 – the second, beautiful daughter to Sarah and Kyle. At 4-months-old Ellie was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Infantile Ganglioglioma/Astrocytoma – a brain tumor that grew to a 1/3rd the size of her brain. Her diagnosis has resulted in 28 rounds of chemo, over 17 surgeries,


It’s arrival time, welcome to SMAK, which is Talk It Up TV’s new Small Acts of Kindness edition! This special segment will be happening on the first Monday of every month.

In this fun and fast paced video, experience a small act of kindness that might get you thinking “what can I do to pay it forward?”

We strategically placed camera’s inside Planet Java Diner located downtown Seattle.

We placed a microphone and hidden camera on their waitress, Ashley.

When Ashley went to… not so fast, you’re going to want to watch for yourselves to find out.


Host Anny Havland reaches out to a young fan who is inspired to help those in need.  Anny and Madison hear of a family in Bellingham, Washington who have been without heat since December.

During these snowy months they set out to raise the money needed to repair their furnace and get the sweet little girls and their family warm again.  Madison and Anny brave the streets of Seattle Washington to find the much needed help from some caring citizens to make it happen.

Unexpectedly the situation turns out to be just a bit more complicated than even Anny thought.


Seattle had hit a chilling 27 degrees out this January and the cool wind didn’t help. It literally hurt my bones just to run from my car to inside my house. This was the perfect night that we had choose to go warm the homeless. It would’ve felt selfish to me to sit by the fireplace while those living outside were heavily weighing on my heart.

Together Kristine Moreland and her volunteer team at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, the Search and Rescue team and our crew and board members of Talk It Up Foundation hit the streets. We handed out warm coats,

Conquering Your Fears with Kindness

Conquering fears to live up to your full potential is something most people aim to do. While some fear can be healthy, other fears can just stand in your way, keeping you from following and achieving your dreams and goals. So how do we overcome our fears? And is it possible to conquer fears in any situation through exceptional kindness?


Vanessa Van Edwards is an expert when it comes to people. She’s a published author and behavioral investigator who considers herself a professional people watcher. She loves to crack the code of human behavior and find out what makes people tick.

Talk It Up TV Wins First Place in International Humanitarian Film Festival

The MY HERO film festival celebrates the best of humanity, one story at a time. They celebrate the kind, the brave, and the compassionate people who aim to venture out and make a difference in the world. The content they publish on their site is chosen to inspire millions of people with stories of hope and goodness – to bring communities closer.




That’s why we are so proud and honored to announce that our episode “Hannah’s Dream” won first place winner in the Series Category of the 2016 MY HERO International Film Festival!


You saw “Mickey’s Birthday Wish” right? In one of our most heartwarming episodes we showed just how truly important family is and gave back to a man who has spent his life giving to others.



Mickey Donnan was born Sept 12th 1922. At 94-years-old, he’s dedicated his life to being kind and giving back to the community, simply because it makes him happy.

A former merchant marine, he volunteers every week at the local history museum, as well as in the gift shop of his former retirement community.

Rescue cat saves owner from deadly seizure, proves love transcends language

Love transcends language. Animals prove that time and time again as they do things few think they can – actions that astonish millions of people across the world. Whether it’s a small dog saving a family from a fire, dolphins helping humans back to shore, or lions chasing off a young girl’s kidnappers… animals prove that kindness can be instilled in the hearts of animals and humans alike.

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Glen Schallman has multiple rare brain conditions, and a brain tumor, that cause daily seizures, which can be life-threatening. Glen’s 1-year-old cat,