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KIND TV is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Seattle, WA. Our foundation has an award-winning web series, KIND TV, which is dedicated to positive media and creating solutions to tragedy. We help those who have fallen through the cracks by lifting them back up when they need us most.


Instead of walking away, typically seen in today’s media when covering tragedy, we stay and create a positive ending to each story with a life-changing act of kindness. We aim to bring our community together and make it stronger and to inspire kindness and compassion in our viewers.


We’ve rescued a beloved horse from slaughter, made a young girl with Treacher Collins Syndrome’s dream of swimming with dolphins come true, reunited a victim of a hate crime with his family, ensured a dad could take paid leave from work to be with his daughter before she passed, saved a dog sanctuary from closing, and so much more. Where we can help, we do.


Our hearts lead us to limitless causes, and each year we seek out what our community needs most. In the past we’ve chosen causes that desperately need more attention, including raising awareness for invisible illnesses, suicide prevention, and helping our veterans and our homeless friends. With the help of our supporters, we aim to have one full episode dedicated to each of the causes we choose. Please consider donating to our cause!